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Wilson Branch

Drum / Percussion Lessons

Wilson Branch began playing drums at age 8, and as he advanced, he took advantage of every opportunity to play in school and after-school bands. In high school, he was often asked to join the honor orchestra's performances and he played in several theater productions. An enthusiastic musician, Wilson also played drum set in the jazz band and lead snare in the high school marching band. After high school, he performed in several rock and jazz bands including "Mint Condition" with Steve Thompson and John Lawson.

Wilson owns a construction business, Branch Construction Plus, and shares duties at the Music Education Center with Angie, his wife of 28 years. He enjoys teaching drumming and has taught for over 20 years. It is gratifying to him when students express their excitement about learning to read music and improving their playing skills. As students tackle increasingly challenging pieces, they acquire a love for music and a new sense of confidence, and Wilson is always happy to hear his students say, "This is fun! I can do this!"; Feeling privileged to be part of his students' journey into music and lifelong learning, Wilson views teaching as a rewarding and worthwhile experience.

Drum Lessons at the Music Education Center in Broomfield

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